How to choose the best trees for the garden in Dublin?

Selecting the right site condition for growing the tree in your garden is vital. These details will play a key role in reduced maintenance and tree survival. To inspect the soil condition, you must determine the soil condition, exposure to wind and sun, space constraints, drainage, disease, insect susceptibility, and others.

Is it better to plant big trees or small ones?

According to the current survey, there are better options than big trees. Because during transportation, small trees experience less root loss, besides they don't take much time to establish themselves and overtake even their large counterparts in just a few days.

Is it important to fertilize the newly planted tree?

No, it would help if you did not fertilize the newly planted tree. At least in the first minimal year, the tree will require minimal fertilization. Because during this period, they are trying to establish their proper root system, and the nitrogen in the fertilizers is not appropriate.

Can overwatering ruin the newly watered tree?

Once the tree is established right amount of water can help in establishing its roots, and it will be able to start its healthy and new life. On the other hand, too much watering can ruin your efforts; it will drown the roots, and the tree will die. Therefore, the plant should be watered according to the soil and weather conditions.

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