How long do hedging plants take time to grow?

Generally, hedges take three to seven years to attain the desired size. Although you can buy semi-mature hedges online, it might cost you high but will give your property instant hedging. These plants need extra care in watering and plantation, so you better be careful.

How many plants do I need to purchase for hedging?

Three plants per meter are ideally required for successful hedging. If you do the plantation this way, you will quickly get a thick hedge. But if you have planted them any closer, you won't be able to benefit from the plants.

What makes a nice hedge?

You need to purchase attractive and fast-growing plants to have a hedge on your property. We also have some famous hedging plants on our website; you can shop for them online according to your requirement. We have shared all the details, about the mature height and width of the products so that you can consider them for the plantation on your property. Hedging should be dense; therefore, ensure your selected plants won't leave gaping holes.

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